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I Am The Walrus

Two years ago we had 5 network sysadmins at our company. Last year we had 3. One left last month, another broke her arm and is out sick, and third one is me. And I am alone until my colleague can peck at a keyboard. And our network is no less complex than when there were 5 of us. Until now I've had nothing to do with our internal routing, I was strictly external. Up until last month I deferred firewall requests to my more knowledgable colleagues. Now, I am the firewall.

I've been able to fake my way through most problems. A couple of routing problems I was not able to fake my through, and thus I was able to "gain valuable experience" (i.e. learn by screwing up). Hint: a router sends packets exactly how it is told. If it isn't told where to find an address, the packets disappear, just like luggage at the airport without a checkin tag . My co-workers are at least sympathetic than I am covering bases for 3 peopel. But my brain hurts at the end of the day.

There is hope on the horizon. Our accomodation, flight, and rental car for Florida in April are as of this evening all booked.

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