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Mirow Blog

As can be read at the usual north German blogging suspects, the SPD candidate in Hamburg Thomas Mirow has a campaign weblog, the first in Europe.

However, my first impression of MirowFuerHamburg is exactly that of Mirow himself: flat and lifeless. He's not Howard Dean, he's a quiet party insider. While I might want Dean on my side in a street fight, I would only want Mirow on my side in a room full of accountants. As for the weblog itself, the (anonymous) fluffy postings remind me of the pseudo 'weblog' at

The weblog doesn't seem to fit in the SPD campaign concept of focusing on issues in contrast to Pretty Boy von Buest. I have the feeling the weblog was started because a couple of techies thought it would be cool to have a weblog, rather than being part of a well thought-out campaign strategy.

If the Hamburg SPD had been serious about using weblogs as a politcial tool, they would have started six months ago, before the self-destruction of the CDU/Schill/FDP coaliition, not just 35 days before the election. Now, it will just be lost in the whole 'campaign internet presence'. They don't even a link to to weblog at the main campaign site. To be fair, the weblog went online ahead of schedule, and may yet develop into something interesting and useful. But for now, it's neither.

On the other hand, after Die Zeit it's yet another coup for the Hamburg blogging service

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