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Say the magic words

Three weeks ago my wife had her purse stolen. All her cash and cards were gone. Credit cards, EC cards, DL, ID card, frequent flyer cards. She noticed within 30 minutes and had all her cards stopped. No harm done, except for the cash, and the temporary emotional distress.

But the bank, when stopping the EC cards, stops all cards for the account. So my EC cards were stopped as well. And since we use an online bank, there's no brick-and-mortar branch where we can make withdrawls. We've gone through this before, new cards take about a week. So we wait for the new cards to arrive. And wait. And wait. We nearly had a crisis when she needed a new outfit for work, since her favorite shop doesn't accept credit cards (which arrived after just 2 days). Good thing we know of a supermarket that takes Visa, we don't starve.

After 2 weeks, my wife calls the bank. When she called to have the cards stopped, she never said that she wanted a replacement card. So it was never ordered. New cards take about a week. So we wait.

Today a card arrives in the mail. One card. For my wife. Not me. We call the bank. When she ordered a replacement cards, she never said that the partner card needed to be replaced as well. So it was never ordered. New cards take about a week.

Right now my cash reserve consists of coins all 20 cents or less. My wife flies to Barcelona tomorrow for 3 days on business. I hope she leaves me some spending money.

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