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LazyWeb MT Plugins

Our wind generator initiative is starting to post to the website (made with with Movable Type), and I've noticed a couple of things for which I wish I had a plugin. For one thing, some people tend to copy and paste long text from Word or from Outlook. (I try to tell them to link instead of copy, but they're volunteers and new at this.) The text tends to be word-wrapped with newlines within the paragraphs, which MT not so helpfully converts to line breaks. The otherwise excellent Textile plugin does the same thing. It would be nice to be able to turn convert-to-line-breaks on or off for individual posts, and still have paragraphs created with <p> tags.

The other thing is that these long posts are awkward for archive pages. Yes, MT lets you enter an Extended Entry or an Excerpt, but I don't want to bother our volunteers with extra fields. And using FirstNWords tends to cut sentences off in the middle of.... It would be nice if there were a tag like MTEntryFirstParagraph, which I could put in an archive template and know I'll also have complete sentences on the archive page.

There may already be easy ways to do this, and if not I could always write something myself. But by posting this, maybe somebody will have a pointer and save me the work of finding or writing it myself. :-)

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