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Decidedly undecided

Like Nico, I decided to take the 'Voter's Test' at NDR4 to determine which party in Hamburg would best reflect my position. The result was amusing.

"It is difficult to place you in a particular party. You correspond almost equally with FDP, CDU, and SPD." My politics are middle-of-the-road German (or maybe, to put it another way, simply wishy-washy).

Of course, I'm not actually eligible to vote in Hamburg (seeing as I don't live there and am not a German citizen), so I haven't really bothered to formulate exact positions. On law and order I'm rather liberal, I think the harbor and the Airbus plant should be expanded, I don't think the city needs to own hospitals and apartment complexes. That almost sounds like the FDP, except that the FDP is run by a bunch of idiots, especially in Hamburg.

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