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Four Weeks for the Cat

Today concludes a 4 week period in which Mama was out of town 11 out of 20 working days, 12 if you count a day when her boss was in town and she was home only in body and not in spirit. Usually she's gone just 2 or 3 days each month. I find just a day or two of playing single parent to be exhausting... I wonder how those who are single parents 24/7 have any energy at all.

The only good thing to some out of this stretch is that I've rediscovered commuting by train. A new operator has taken over the line between Bremen and Hamburg, and as opposed to my experience with the Deutsche Bahn a couple of years ago, the new trains are comfortable, have ample seating, and run on time. And the monthly ticket is cheaper than the cost of gas, not to mention maintenance and wear and tear on the car... and the parking tickets, since the legal parking places near my office are gone by 8 am.

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