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Let Him Run

MSNBC: Ralph Nader to run for president, this time as an independent. And the Democrats have already begun to gnash their teeth. Didn't Nader cost them the last election? Since I voted for Nader in 2000, I can answer that with no. To think otherwise is to believe that voters are dumb. They are not. My vote was actually not for Nader, but against Gore, whom in 2000 I saw no reason to support, nothing to distinguish him from the other candidate. If Nader weren't on the ballot, I would have voted for another 3rd candidate, or for nobody at all. Things are different now. Bush is a known quantity, we know what we have if he is re-elected. Distinguishing the two major candidates is not going to be a problem this year. So let Nader run. I won't be voting for him, and he won't make any difference.

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