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Like Little Jamie, I've recently joined the 21st century and bought an mp3 stick, 256 MB USB. So now I can tune out whereever I am. My current favorite is the debut album Die Reklamation from Wir Sind Helden, who lately swept the Echos (the German Grammies). They're '80s-retro NDW with clever modern German lyrics. I mention them here for non-native German speakers.... they do some fun things with the language, and you might enjoy listening to them just for that, even if you're not into post-modern anti-consumerism (with a fetish for sledge hammers?). They offer a kitschy remix of Guten Tag (MP3, 4MB) on their website with lyrics to follow along. My favorite song, though, is the quieter Denkmal, whose chorus can be slightly edited into a slogan for webloggers: Ich werd die schlechtesten Blogger dieser Stadt engagiern, Die sollen nachts noch die Trümmer mit Parolen beschmiern (I'll hire the worst bloggers in the city, tonight they will paint slogans on the ruins).

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