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Samba 3... not!

At work I inherited an installation of Samba-TNG. We want to eventually migrate to Samba 3, which my predecessor warned me would be really hard. I didn't really believe him, mostly out of ignorance, since I have absolutely no clue how Windows networking works. Samba-TNG has been acting up the past few weeks, destroying user profiles and refusing to play with Win2K SP4, so when my boss asked about Samba 3, I foolishly said yes, let's do it. I set up a test domain, and was able to log on, mount volumes, and print. So we decided to go live with Samba 3. I could log on, mount volumes and print, but the real Windows users were having tons of problems. So we bailed out and went back to TNG.

I had copied over the smbpasswd, the domain SID, and the group map. I guess that's not enough. It looks like I need to copy over machine SIDs (or are they RIDs?), and I haven't a clue how to do that. On Google I can't find anything about 'migrating from samba tng to samba 3'. So for now I'm stuck. Sometimes I'm as dumb as I think I am.

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