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Betrayal of trust

newsrack cites a New York Times article on companies systematically altering employee time cards, a practice I'm sure is not confined to the US. Here in Germany, for example, the union Ver.di is campaigning against labor practices at the Aldi and Lidl chains. Shaving pay is theft of the worst kind, from those who can least afford the loss. We've experienced first hand that it is possible to start from minimum wage and rise to run (a good share of) the company, and have seen people fired for the practices described in the article. These managers and supervisors are not only cheating the people resonsible for their success, they are betraying the economic system that makes their success possible, and those of us who believe in that system. The free market only works when people are rewarded for their talents and their efforts. Deny them what they are due, and the system will rot. It is extremely important for supervisors not to rely solely on their managers, but to talk to their employees, and make sure they are happy and getting what they have earned.

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