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We've been looking into Kindergarten the past couple of weeks, which we want Christopher to start this fall. We have a full-day slot reserved in the regular group, but given his speech development it has been strongly recommended that he attend a so-called 'integration' group, where the group is smaller and there are regular speech therapy sessions. Mama and Christopher were there on Tuesday, and they both loved it. We'd also most likely be able to have a doctor certify that Christopher needs the integration group, so that the county would cover all costs.

Here's the problem. The integration group is only half-day, afternoons, 12:30-17:30, here in Jesteburg. We both work full-time in Hamburg, an hours' commute away. Do the math. Our Tagesmutter is in Buchholz, 15 minutes away, so arranging transport from there is not feasible.

In fact, right now if you were to ask whether my job is worth making all the arrangements for Christopher to attend this Kindergarten while I work 8 hours in Hamburg, I would truthfully have to say no.

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