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Up In The Air

We're now a month into the process of registering Christopher for kindergarten, and we are more confused than ever. As you recall, he is behind in his speech development, and it has been recommended to us several times that he not join a regular kindergarten group. There is a local 'integrated' group that includes sessions of speech therapy each week, and there is a 'therapy' group in the county seat Winsen (over 30 km away) that is intensive speech therapy. However, our speech therapist today told us to choose carefully... that the therapy group does not necessarily include more therapy than an integrated group. In any case, the diagnosis has to be confirmed by the county health office, and our appointment there is not until June.

Either group will be half-days, and will not be compatible with 2 full time working parents. I've informed my employer of the situation, and that I'll be either requesting part-time or leaving completely (and going freelance), but until we have more details, I can't make any decision.

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