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Love and Money

(I've been corresponding with Heiko Hebig, who represents TypePad and Movable Type in Germany, about the new MT license.)

Hi Heiko,

The free version would be enough for PapaScott, but I'd already donated twice over the past couple of years and was looking forward to the Pro version. At any rate, on the first day already I cashed in my keys and purchased a personal license, as my way of saying thanks for the past 2 years of great software. Now 6A and I are quid, they don't owe me anything anymore.

But if I were to recommend MT to an small to mid-sized organization, $199 is a pretty steep entry price, especially if they aren't yet convinced that weblogs are a good thing.

My idea would be to drop the distinction between personal and commercial use, keep the unsupported free version as it is, charge $29 per blog for the supported version, with volume discounts starting with the 6th blog.

Anyway, I won't be dropping MT because I object to the license. I have been playing around with WordPress because I find the technology interesting, and especially contrasting the static-build of MT vs. the dynamic approaches. I also find the idea of seamlessly switching backends intriguing. (MT on even-numbered days, WordPress on odd-numbered days, and Blosxom on Sundays?).

It's all about love and money. You need both.


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