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Kindergarten Watch

Christopher had a busy day yesterday. Not only did he have his hearing checked (which he happily demonstrated on me last evening with his doctor kit: 'Now the big bear and the little mouse are running in your ear!'). He also checked out the speech therapy kindergarten in Winsen. He loved it. The groups are very small (9 children), they have a great gym, and best of all, a huge toy helicopter. The amount of actual therapy (twice a week) is the same as the local integration group. The director talked with him for over an hour and thought he'd he an excellent candidate for the group. She found it very good that he listens and responds to corrections.

The group would also work well for his parents. The hours are 8:30 to 14:30, with transport provided (Winsen is 30 km from here). The place would be guaranteed for one year, with possible extensions after that. That's a schedule that we can plan around.

The final diagnosis will be on June 17, when we have an appointment with the county health department. After that we'll be able to make some decisions for both Christopher and Papa.

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