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Plugging and Hacking

I've been playing a bit more with WordPress (for which there is a new release candidate since yesterday), and I'm reminded of what I didn't like about it back when it was b2, and what I don't like about Movable Type. With WordPress, if you want to do anything slightly different from what it intends (for example, customizing the text of the monthly archive links, or listing the 5 latest comments), you end up writing a hack, essentially rewriting one of its PHP functions to do what you want. But PHP is at least logical and well-documented. Movable Type has it's own well-documented but esoteric template language, for which you can find plugins to make it even more esoteric, with which you can do most but not all of what you want. I have about a dozen plugins installed, but I've forgotten which ones I really use. I can do Perl, I've done Perl for 10 years, but it's simple sysadmin baby-talk Perl, not elegant Perl like Ben and Mena. So I'm stumped by something simple like 'put all my post titles inline with the post content, except when an image comes at the beginning of the post content'. There's probably a way to do that with CSS, but I can't do CSS very well either.

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