PapaScott I like big blogs and I cannot lie! 🐘


1. MamaMaus goes back to work tomorrow after 8 weeks sabbatical.
2. Tomorrow she takes the first flight to Munich for 3 days of meetings. Her alarm is set for 4 am.
3. Christopher's day care is on vacation. We have a substitute, whom I have never met. But I have written down her address. She expects to be paid. In cash.
4. Christopher has his usual speech therapy appointment on Monday afternoon at 4:30 pm.
5. Our carpenter is coming by in the evening to finish up some work in the living room. He expects to be paid. In cash.
6. My employer this week will either declare bankruptcy or be taken over. It does not have enough liquidity to meet this month's payroll.
7. Our new cat is scheduled to have a flea prevention treatment tomorrow.
8. Hopefully I will be able to keep everything straight.
9. Have I forgotten anything?

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