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Ongoing Concern

Despite missing most of last week at work, I apparently didn't miss much. There is still no official word on whether we have avoided insolvency or not. There are all sorts of rumors, ranging from the company will declare insolvency but continue in its present form to we will be bought out and absorbed into an existing firm. A persistent rumor is that systems administration will be completely out-sourced.

What we do know for sure is that 1) the May salaries are late, and 2) short-time (Kurzarbeit) has been extended another 6 months until November. So someone is planning at least for the short-term future. And the stock price been going up (to 70 cents from 30 cents last week), so somebody might know something.

(Oh, and my knee is doing better. It still hurts, but it's now a tired kind of hurt, and I've put the crutches away. After returning to work yesterday, I now realize just how many stairs there are in the Hamburg U- and S-Bahn system. I feel each and every one of them.)

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