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A Million Days

If you've been following the soap opera that is my workplace, be assured that all is not peaches and cream. Yes, the company has found an investor, a venture capital fund rather than a competitor, so our existance is ensured for the short term and entire departments will not be rationalized away. But the investors are expecting further cost-cutting, which means management will be proposing a salary reduction package in the next few days. However, we've been in cost-cutting mode for over 3 years now, a mode that is very tiresome, and whatever trust the employees had in management is long gone. Noone is in the mood to give up anything.

On the other hand, the investor has a share in some 30 other high-tech companies, some of whom might be interested in our software. It might be good to extend away from the banking industry, which is notoriously tight-fisted and slow-paying.

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