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Tip Me Not

I joined the Euro pool at (pointed to by Jim, and after the first 3 days my result is so remarkable that I should post my picks here, so you have an idea of what's not to happen. I have one (un, eins, uno) point, and it took a herioc effort by Zidane to achieve that. Yesterday, for example, I picked Italy to win and Sweden to tie. Today I've picked the Czechs and Holland to win, so things are looking good for a couple of upsets.

Meanwhile Nico is complaining about the announcing talents of Reinhold Beckmann. They must not get ZDF in Lummaland, because there's nobody worse (not even Fa├čblinder) than Johannes B. (as in Brainless) Kerner. Meanwhile Neil is going on about the wonderful German announcers, which I guess means the British have it even worse than anyone had imagined. (I personally use a face-recognition system on my TV that activates the mute button whenever Beckenbauer's face appears on the screen.)

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