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Auf die Palme

Our new cat Nena had a unique way of celebrating Midsummer this morning. She decided she wanted to be let outside at the crack of dawn, which at our latitude was 3:30 am. She's learned that she can wake us up by rustling through the potted palm in our bedroom. Very much annoyed, I brought her downstairs, threw her outside and went back to bed.

My wife, however, couldn't get back to sleep and went downstairs. She must have let Nena back in, because at some point the cat was back upstairs rustling again through the palm. This time she was clumsy, toppling the palm with 20-liter pot and potting soil onto the floor with a crash. Needless to say, the night was now ruined, as well as the day. Tonight both the palm and the cat will be set outside.

Auf die Palme bringen: to drive (someone) crazy.

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