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Converting Manila

Back in April 2002, I converted my Manila weblog at to Movable Type using XML files exported from Manila and a simple Perl script (using XML::Twig).

This month (2 weeks before the outage), Susan Kitchens found my old script and asked me about converting her Manila site (after she had painstakingly extracted her site into XML). I thought that the Movable Type Import Format would be a good target, since it can be imported into many different weblogging systems.

However, Manila had become more complicated in the meantime, and I was unable to quickly apply my script to Susan's files (i.e. I've gotten stuck), and I'm short of time. Since a number of people had publicly offered to help export Manila sites, people with a probably a better understanding of Manila and XML than I have, I decided to plea for help via a Wiki page entitled ConvertingManila. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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