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Pulling out of here to win

It looks like we're set. Christopher begins kindergarten on Aug 5. As we hoped, he was admitted into the speech therapy group in Winsen. We were at their Sommerfest last weekend, and they had already had him registered and assigned to a room (he'll be in the 'penguin' group) and teachers. Our first parents meeting is this Thursday, when they'll explain what he needs to bring (from the looks of it, each kid has nearly a complete wardrobe of indoor and outdoor gear on hand).

The next surprise was at work. I told my boss that we got the kindergarten of our choice, and that starting in August I'd have to be home by 3 instead of 5. He said no problem, no need to go part time, I can make up the hours from home. That's fine as long as we have short time, that's only a couple of hours a week. When we go back to full hours, I'm not sure how things will work.

My decisions would be easier if some choices were eliminated for me. If it were impossible for me to continue work, either because of kindergarten or bankruptcy, then I could always implement Plan B. But now that I can continue to work, I have to decide for myself whether I really want to. That will be hard.

(It's also hard to write about. We've known all this since last weekend, and it took me over a week to decide how much, and how little, to write about it.)

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