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Beach Culture

We're back, none the worse for wear. And we noticed some huge differences between the German island of Sylt and the Danish island of Rømø. On Sylt, the beaches are heavily regulated and environmentally protected. A fee is required for parking and for entry, the beach is cleaned daily, covered beach chairs (Strandkörbe) are available for rent, food and drink are available for sale, and certain fringe groups (namely nudists and dogs) are given their own areas as to not disturb others. None of this applies on Rømø, where you simply drive onto the beach, unpack your gear, fire up your grill, and start cooking.

I wouldn't consider this all that seriously as evidence of the differences between Danes and Germans. For one thing, there are geographical differences... Sylt is eroding away, while Rømø has more sq. km of sand than land. And most of those driving and grilling on the beaches of Rømø were Germans.

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