PapaScott I like big blogs and I cannot lie! 🐘

Blogg Topping is a German combination of Blogspot and Technorati... it's a floor wax and a desert topping!* Er, I mean it's a hoster and an aggregator. And like Technorati, it's been having it's problems lately. Nico mentions his current love/hate relationship with MySQL and the Zawondny tool mysqlsnapshot. I hope he's reading the Zawodny book as well. I found it helpful when rearranging IPs for my absolutely-has-to-be-up bugtracker database. Generally, I've found that problems I seem to be having with MySQL can either be tuned away or are actually with the operating system. So don't lose hope!

(*For my German readers, this is an SNL reference, so you won't get it.)

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