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Quit whining, Germany!

As a public service, here's a translation of the post "Hör auf zu Jammern, Deutschland!" by Thomas Gigold that was requested by Heiko.

"You know what? There's something wrong with the Ossis! Last night 7000 people in Magdeburg and Dessau demonstrated against Hartz IV*. They want to keep everything as it is until... until when?

"Come on, what do these people expect? Hartz IV is right. Hartz IV is the only way that the social state Germany can continue. A way that Germany has to take. Everyone demands reform, but when it comes to their own money, no, the evil, overpaid politicians aren't allowed to take that.

"No, sorry. First they demonstrate for bananas (and then buy them green, assuming that the yellow ones are overripe), then they complain that noone has a job anymore (that's the free market that they were always warned about in school), and now they complain that Papa State has no money left to pay them for sitting around.

"And before anyone tells me I don't know what it's like... forget it. I know what it's like for a couple to live on 400 Euros a month and pay for both food and rent.

"And what bothers me even more than Bild headlines are whining Germans. Oh, back then, everything was sooooo much better.

"Yes, there are not enough jobs. Yes, the East is a catastrophe. And yes, life is not as good as 20 years ago. And then? Then tackle the problem! And don't think Frau Ossi Merkel will do any more for you. Me, I'm going now to buy some earplugs... "

*Hartz IV is the consolidation of long-term unenemployment and social welfare payments that takes effect next year.

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