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Getting It Wrong

(Via InstaPundit) TalkLeft: Houston Crime Labs Face New Inquiry "Houston's crime lab has been reeling for some time from the discovery of numerous convictions tainted by false lab reports. It's about to get worse." Thousands of cases spanning decades are to be audited in Harris County, TX, a "jurisdiction (which) has produced more executions than any other county in America". This is why I don't like the death penalty, or Guantanamo, or the more draconian parts of the war on terror. It's not just that I think they're immoral; that, after all, can be a legitimate point of contention. I just don't trust the government at any level to be competent. That goes for any government, not just in the US.

And not just for crime and terror. We could just as well be talking about Hartz IV and Agenda 2010 in Germany.

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