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Not Yet Gone

At work, my department has been dissolved. My boss and three colleagues have been laid off, two of us will stay. The Betriebsrat tried to get a court order to block the action, but failed. I asked for a release from my contract, but was refused. I thought about submitting my resignation (which would mean giving up severance pay and unemployment benefits), which would have been due today (6 weeks before end of the quarter).

I decided to stay. I don't have faith that the company will survive, but I don't yet have a concrete alternative. Worst case, I'd be better off financially with insolvency or being laid off than with leaving. And there's a chance that things will get better. If they don't, my next chance to resign is mid-November.

This is not the "happy" solution I mentioned yesterday (that would have been a release), but it will have to do.

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