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Used Car

After 150,000 km, my Twingo is on its last legs, needing new wheel bearings and, after a poor maneuver in the carport a couple of weeks ago, a new front bumper. Oil and TÜV inspection are also due, but it's just not worth putting any more money into. So we've been looking at a replacement, used, under €10,000.

VM Lupo We thought about a Smart, but we sometimes need more than 2 seats. Given today's gas prices, we looked seriously at a diesel VW Lupo 3L TDI (3L stands for 3 liters/100 km, or 78 mpg). However, they are hard to find used, and come at a pretty premium to their less efficient cousins. We expanded our search to all diesel Lupos, found an SDI nearby with a foldback sunroof (very important :-)), and signed the contract today. By Friday I'll be driving German after 12 years of driving French.

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