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State of My World

Three weeks after the layoffs in my department were announced, our new boss finally met with those of us who remain to discuss where things go from here. One of the layoffs was reinstated, so we have 2.25 full-time equivalent admins (1 full-time, 2 part-time), 1 specialist each for PCs, Solaris and Linux/BSD. It could work as long as noone gets sick or takes vacation, and nothing breaks. Meanwhile, the rumor is that September payroll cannot be met, so this might be the last dance on the Titanic anyway. I've got vague plans for that possibility. I've got an application in for a dream job, but I can't count on that, of course.

Christopher still loves his kindergarten, and is still excited to catch the bus each morning. We had a first conference with the speech therapist, and she had 90 minutes worth of ideas (and she was just getting started). We meet with her again this week. Funny thing is, the one having the most trouble adjusting to the new schedule is me. I'm now working 8am to 2pm, and I've got 2 to 3 extra hours with Christopher per day, and I'm not yet entirely sure what to do with them. This week Mama was away all week. Mornings are now easier that Christopher is picked up so early, but I'm still exhausted.

The new car (VW Lupo) is running fine, and we've even got sunroof weather now. I put in my first tank of bio-diesel yesterday, at 85 cents per liter (gasoline is about 1.20). Vegetable oil from Aldi is even cheaper, and is rumored to work in diesel Lupos, but I'm not brave enough to try it.

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