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There He Goes Again

It's been one of those weeks, or actually, one of those two weeks (bi-weeks?). It's budget season for Mama, so she's had 6 day weeks and is gone more often than not, and is sometimes gone even when she's here. Meanwhile, while Christopher has surely gotten into the rhythm of his kindergarten schedule, I most certainly have not. When Mama is gone I've got 6 hours of non-stop Christopher, which is more exhausting (and infinitely more satisifying) than my 6 hours of work.

I was hoping I could at least be semi-productive during my extra hours with him, but it turns out my productivity when we are alone is actually zero. He's loud, assertive, and always wanting to communicate. That's very good for his speech development, but very bad for concentrating on anything else in his presence.

To top things off, Christopher was home sick from kindergarten the past two days. Yesterday, Mama stayed home with him, and he slept with a fever most of the day. Today, I was home; he woke up at 6 am, at 8 am he declared himself for healthy and he has been moving at full speed ever since. Another non-productive day, although it's not like I'm missing anything at work.

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