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Enough For Now

That's enough of the Bloglines layout for now. It might come back some day, though. I find the layout very functional, and I may work out actual templates with a sidebar and more weblog-like features.

The trick yesterday was to use wget to get the public copy of my blog from bloglines, insert a <base href...> in the html header so the relative links worked correctly, and add bl.php to the beginning of the DirectoryIndex line in my .htaccess to make it the default page.

This was all powered by an hourly cron job, since bloglines reads my blog only once per hour. It's not a script, but a one-liner with sed. If I put the long bloglines URL into a tinyurl, it looks like:

/usr/local/bin/wget -O - '' | sed -e 's/<title>/<base href="http:\/\/\/"><title>PapaScott/' > /usr/local/www/data/bl.php

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