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Remember the Day

Can you remember the day of the week of the important dates in your life?

I was married on Tuesday. That's easy, it was the day after Labor Day. My son was born early on Monday morning, the night of a killer storm. We arrived in Germany to stay on Saturday afternoon; all the shops were closed.

The Twins won the '87 World Series on Sunday, but the 7th game of the World Series always falls on Sunday. The same for the last German World Cup victory. World Cup finals always fall on Sunday, both for men and for women.

Sometimes my memory plays tricks on me. I remember the Challenger exploding on Wednesday, and the Berlin Wall falling on Friday, but both are a day too late.

9/11 was on Tuesday. I learned of the first crash at 3pm Hamburg time. The towers fell 90 minutes later as I was driving home from work, listening to NDRInfo. At home our satellite receiver was broken; we tried desparately to set up a tabletop antenna to watch ARD.

Some days I remember better than others.

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