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Seeing Stars

Interestingly, my post on Stars generated a number of mails from my non-virtual community, er, I mean from friends and relatives, with suggestions on where to find star stickers (with Christmas decorations) and wondering if I was really serious about reforming German education with sticky bits of glossy paper.

So to clarify, the post was written with tongue in cheek. My experience with German education is zero, other than what is reported in the media, and all I really know is that children start first grade with a paper cone full of toys and candy, and come out 10 or 12 or 13 years later with an Abitur or an apprenticeship. I have no idea what happens in between.

I use the writing in my weblog to experiment, to try new points of view, to strike poses, to distract myself from the real world. The viewpoints expressed here may have no basis in reality. I don't always tell the truth, but I never lie. The posts here are a mixture of fact, fiction and imagination, and the recipe is different every day. Enjoy the ride.

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