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Weblogs and Politics, Part 1

Nico wants German bloggers to start blogging more politics and give more opinions... and not necessarily the US election. Well, I'm not a German blogger, just a blogger in Germany, but here's a start.

Health insurance: fixed premiums (Kopfpauschale) or universal insurance based on income (Bürgerversicherung). All parties agree that the current system based on wages needs reform. However, merely extending the system to include more types of income is a half-hearted reform. Health care is too important to be a rich vs. poor issue. Everyone deserves the same care, all the time. Of course the costs need to be distributed fairly. The state already has an mechanism for distributing costs... the income tax system. The health care system needs to be decoupled from income, otherwise when we have a boom-and-bust economy, we'll also have boom-and-bust health care. I don't want my heath care to bust. Ever.

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