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Party like it's 1989

In an inspired moment of creative fiscal policy, Finance Minister Eichel yesterday (with the approval of his boss the Chancellor) proposed moving the German Unity Day holiday to always fall on Sunday. This year a number of paid holidays fall on the weekend, thus adding a couple of tenths to national GDP, so why not have have a holiday fall always on the weekend? Alas, the idea fell like a lead balloon full of rocks. Maybe Eichel should hire some of those Greek statisiticians to rewrite the German calendar. My idea: move Unity Day to the day after Ascension, a nominal work day when noone works anyway.

Update: Tobias thinks it was all a ruse by Schröder to trick the Länder into giving up a holiday in May. Maybe so, and the Union is all so easy to trick these days, but it still must be nice to have a chump like Eichel to always be the fall guy for you when things go wrong.

(DW-Online: Plan to Move Unity Day Sets Off Political Firestorm)

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