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Sydney and Hannover

Mama left Thursday for her 10 day business trip in Sydney. So we men have to fend for ourselves for a few days. Our highlight today combines fun and technology. This morning we'll be taking the BUS from Buchholz to Harburg, then board the I.C.E. TRAIN to Hannover, where we will then hop on the STREETCAR to head for a day at the ZOO. If it rains, we'll just ride the streetcar all afternoon. Then we do the whole thing again in reverse.

With a couple of Oma visits, a lantern march in kindergarten, an appointment at the ear-nose-throat specialist, and today's expedition, the week is going to go by very quickly. Then on Sunday we'll get up early and head to the airport to pick up Mama, whether she wants to be picked up or not.

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