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Oldest German Blog?

I'm just wondering, what's the oldest active German weblog? How many German blogs that were early adopters of first wave of blogging services like Blogger (Aug 1999), Diaryland (Sept 1999), and EditThisPage (Dec 1999) are still active?

I'm familiar with the EditThisPage crowd... Andrea started in January 2000 and is still going strong. I think her husband André (who worked for Userland at the time) was using Manila before EditThisPage went public, but now he now posts only once every other year, so I'm not sure he can be called active. Are there any other German '99ers?

Update: Ah, I had forgotten Martin was also among the very first ETPers. And his first post was just a few days before Andrea's.

PapaScott was an early adopter of EditThisPage, but I'm not German, so I don't qualify.

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