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Press Salon

I usually ignore award contests for weblogs, because 1) I believe that weblogs are an expressive medium solely motivated by personal satisfaction, and 2) I wouldn't win anyway. But I make exceptions for award contests that invite me to dinner.

Next Monday I'll be in Cologne attending a "press salon" held by The Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards featuring a discussion on "Weblogs and Freedom of the Press" by Mu Zimei (China), Jörg Kantel (Germany) and Anton Nossik (Russia), and moderated by Konstantin Klein (Very Large Orange, and ex-German-expat). The salon will be "blogged live", which is where I come in. I imagine they will dress me in pajamas and put me on display for the journalists in a golden cage hung from the ceiling.

I don't see any mention of the event at DW's website, so you'll have to take Jörg's and Konstantin's word for it that it is indeed taking place.

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