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Christopher's kindergarten group went ice skating on Thursday, and he was so excited by it that he just had to take Mama and Papa ice skating in Adendorf today. Never mind that we haven't skated in 15 years. That's the advantage of being a spoiled only child, you can create your own events, just like that. Of course Christopher can't skate, or rather, skates only as well as you'd expect a 4-year-old to do for his second time on skates. But he loved watching the Zamboni machine.

However, the rest of the afternoon was ruined by being stuck behind an accident on the Autobahn on the way home. German police tend to not let any traffic go by an accident site, they'd rather shut the Autobahn down completely. So we came to a complete stop, and counted 15 emergency vehicles that passed by us. We stayed put for 2 hours, then we were told to turn around and drive back to the last exit. That took half an hour to work out, since Autobahns are not designed for driving the wrong way, and then we had to find an alternate route home. So now we are all three tired and pissed off.

A few years ago we once stood still for 3 hours behind an accident, but that time they let us pass rather than making us turn around.

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