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No English Spoken Here

Deutsche Welle has announced the recipients of their 2004 Weblog Awards, with two awards in each category, one chosen by a jury and the other in an online vote. Interesting is that none of the winners of the main categories are written in English. I guess English speakers really are a minority in the world.

Some don't see the point, but that's OK. I still think it's a useful exercise that enables us to see what blogs elsewhere are doing, even if we don't know the language.

However, since DW seems unable to provide a concise list of the main winners, here's a list with links to both the descriptions at DW and the blogs themselves that they can copy and paste. I even corrected some the the URLs. :-)

* Best Blog Innovation
Jury Prize: Domino - Cover by Cover (German)
User Prize: Radio RSS (German)

* Best Design

Jury Prize: La Malarosa (Spanish)
User Prize: The Castle of Ergeal, the Northern Dragon (Russian)

* Best Subject
Jury Prize: El Hombre Que Comía Diccionarios (The Man Who Ate Dictionaries, Spanish)
User Prize: Estraga Filmes (Film Spoilers, Portuguese).

* Best Weblog
Jury Prize: 18摸狗日报 (Dog Newspaper, Chinese)
User Prize: Por um Punhado de Pixels (For a Handful of Pixels, Portuguese).

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