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Truly, Deeply, Madly

Ever since we first met, we have been very successful making sudden, impulsive decisions and letting fate take us where it may. Pledging to marry while on separate continents, dropping out of grad school, leaving Minneapolis without the promise of a job in Phoenix, leaving everything we owned to move to Germany, jumping head first into the IT boom in the late '90s, having our first child after 15 years of happy, peaceful marriage, jumping back into a career after a year of baby leave... these were all things we decided very quickly and suddenly to make happen or let happen to us.

We're on the verge of another such impulsive decision or twist of fate. If you've read the weblog for long, you might guess what it is.... more details once things are final. However, right now I'm just ecstatic to find that at my age, impulsive decisions can still happen.

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