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German Media Morality

I've been following Jeff Jarvis and his campaign against the FCC and so-called morality in the US media. We don't have an FCC in Germany, but we do have the Bild Zeitung to watch over morals in the media and society... and we have BildBlog to watch over the Bild Zeiting. Lately, Bild has compained that a gay politician kissed a woman in public ("Is he no longer gay?"), that a TV nude scene was cut from a mini-series ("Is she not pretty enough for TV?"), and that Germany's most respected newscaster opened a dog salon ("Massages for rich Fifis"). So our morals in Germany are safe, thanks to Bild. (And thanks to BildBlog, we can know what's in the Bild Zeitung without actually have to read it ourselves.)

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