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My Life and Hard Times

December seems like a drag stip that ends in a brick wall, and we're speeding along in a hot rod without any brakes.

For Christopher, there is the anticipation of the double super-duper holiday of Christmas and birthday, and of course he is strung as high as a kite. Perspective parents should think of this, and would be best advised to avoid having any sex in late March at all to prevent giving birth to children in late December.

Mama is suffering from overdoses of work, travel, stess, and combinations thereof. When she is home, she tends to go to bed before Christopher, even when she is putting Christopher to bed. This is especially annoying when she disappears to bed without telling us. (My solution was to send Christopher to bed with her, and for me to sleep on the couch.)

My parents are arriving on Friday, which is special and wonderful, of course, since it will be their first Christmas with us in Germany. But there are preparations to be made... for example, my father requires an oxygen concentrator at night, and I spent weeks unsuccessfully trying to arrange for one. (The solution, by the way, to organizing medical equipment for foreign guests is that you don't... the arrangements need to be made in their home country for insurance and prescription reasons.)

As for me, after I had decided to stick it out part-time at work until things either work out or go bankrupt, I had a job opportunity literally fall into my lap, and I've decided to accept. I haven't signed anything yet (although we did virtually shake hands via instant messenger), so I won't give out any details now. But I've informed my present employer, and if I can find victims, er, delegate my responsibilites I should be able to start the new job on February 1.

But given everything else going on here at home, my excitement about the new job has gotten somewhat lost in the shuffle. (And, yes, the job offer was the twist of fate that inspired the Truly, Deeply, Madly post, for those commenters who tried to guess.)

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