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Interesting Times

I wrote before about how life was handing us a new twist of fate. I can now explain all the details.

Last month I had decided to stick it out at my old company. I reduced to 20 hours to give myself a little free time, but we remaining 3 admins had settled into a routine, and we had a new boss who respected us and our work, even if he didn't understand it.

Then colleague number 1 told us she was pregnant. She would be going on leave next May, probably for the full 3 years allowed by law.

Colleague number 2 then told us that he had a job offer from our former boss. He has to give 6 months notice, but would try to negotiate a release.

Then on November 30 our new boss told us that he, and several other project leaders, had resigned. They no longer believed in the future of the company. This was all the more troubling because they, like me, have quarterly contracts, so they were giving 4 months notice.

Just two weeks after signing my part-time contract, it was starting to look like a set of shackles. Downsizing the IT infrastructure of a company that was suddenly half the size of 6 months ago is certainly an interesting task, but interesting in the sense of the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times". It's certainly a task I did not want to do by myself.

Then on the evening of the 30th, while I was contemplating the interesting times that lay ahead, Nico called me to say he had an admin position available, and whether I would be interested. We met on the following Dönerstag (er, Thursday), our discussion was very good, and that's when I wrote about twists of fate.

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