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Welcome to Squeezebox

squeezebox.gifThis is my latest enhancement for my home workspace... a Squeezebox wireless digital music player for mp3s and Internet radio for our existing stereo, controlled via remote or a web browser.

The files stored on my NSLU2 running Unslung. The SlimServer (open-source, in Perl) is probably too hefty to run on Unslung; I've got it on a FreeBSD box which mounts the NSLU2 via NFS. The SlimServer can stream to software players as well as the Squeezebox and can serve several devices simultaneously. It seems much easier than having iTunes libraries on each PC.

I was made aware of the Squeezebox by a post by Tim Bray a few weeks ago. Unlike him, we're no audiophiles... our existing setup is a 15-year-old mini stereo, but we can move the Squeezebox to whatever system we may upgrade to. It's not cheap at $300 (plus postage and customs), but seems to be much more convenient than the stacks of CDs we have accumulated. My initial impression is very positive, and even Mama the Technophobe agrees that it might be a nice thing to have.

One warning... the Slim Devices order page said the unit would be shipped in 5 to 7 days. That must be a typo, they must mean hours instead of days. My order was shipped the same day, and arrived from California within 48 hours of my order.

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