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When talking about childhood with Germans, one of the differences one discovers is that they all grew up reading Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck comic books, and we didn't. We Americans outgrew Mickey and Donald by the time we were 6, but the Germans... they kept reading, even into adulthood, and even now ask for the English word for Entenhausen, the town where Donald and Co. live. (What, it has a name?) My wife still talks today about smuggling Mickey Mouse comics to her cousins in East Berlin.

Apparently, a big reason for the German fans was the German translator Erika Fuchs, who lent the mouse and the duck a literary tongue not found in the original and who helped invent a grammatical form named after her, the Erikativ, using a verb to express an action in a comic, as in *sigh*, a precursor of emoticons used today in chat and SMS.

Erika Fuchs died this week aged 98. I'm too old to start reading comic books, so I guess I'll never catch on. (via beissholz and swr)

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