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Multilateral Lasagne

A few years ago a certain brand of lasagne noodles had a package in 12 languages, including the recipe for (wouldn't you know it) lasagne. The French recipe was very general; there were no measurements, just make a batch of Bechamel sauce, then a batch of red meat sauce, etc. The German version was somewhat longer and gave exact instructions: 750 ml milk, 50 g flour, 50 g butter for the Bechamel, and so on.

The English instructions were more to the point: take one can of Bechamel sauce, one can of meat sauce...

Alas, the German version became our favorite lasagne recipe, but they've stopped putting it on the package. We (or at least I) keep forgetting the proportions for the Bechamel sauce. Tonight we got it right, so I'm posting this to make sure we can always find it.

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