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Bargaining with the Tooth Fairy

We have the feeling Christopher is going to be a union negotiator when he grows up. He always tries to get as much as he can, and then just a little bit more. Can I habe a cookie? Two cookies? Five? Every time you draw a line in the sand, he tries to step over it.

He's now trying the same tactic with the tooth fairy. Yes, we tried to tell him that there is no tooth fairy in Germany, but one of his friends told him about it. So last night he took his tooth box to bed in hopes of getting a present from the tooth fairy. Alas, neither of the fairy's assistants noticed, so he woke up very disappointed. So tonight the assistants are ready.

But of course, Christopher wants to have his tooth and eat it too, so to speak. He doesn't want the tooth fairy to take his tooth... he just wants the money! We tried to explain that's not how the tooth fairy usually works, but he insisted... so we said that maybe if we leave a note for the tooth fairy to not take the tooth away, he might be able to keep it and still get a present.

Knowing Christopher, the tooth fairy had better insist on a receipt, otherwise he'll probably keep trying to cash in using the same tooth.

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