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Mixing Tiger and m0n0wall

I don't really depend on my Powerbook for work, since I can get a browser and an ssh window in just about any operating system, so I was adventurous and installed Tiger when it arrived last weekend. Quick review: everything seems faster, Spotlight is weird, Dashboard is lame.

But I've run into an obscure and annoying bug. At work we run m0n0wall, a tiny firewall based on FreeBSD (and which I can heartily recommend). The only access is via a web front-end (mini\_httpd with php). I found that accessing the m0n0wall with Firefox under Tiger causes the mini\_httpd in m0n0wall to crash. The firewall is still running, you just can't view or change settings. It took me 3 or 4 crashes to associate them with Tiger, but then I was able to reproduce the behavior, and it was confirmed by another member of the mailing list.

mini\_httpd might be sensitive; there was a previous bug reported involving crashes on m0n0wall. And Tiger seems to have some networking issues. But for now you'll want to avoid accessing m0n0wall with Firefox under Tiger, and if you administer a remote m0n0wall you might want to consider the modified m0n0wall image with ssh so you can restart mini_httpd without physically rebooting.

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