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Karl talked about Pfingstbaumpflanzen, or planting trees for Pentecost. In his village the young men bring trees to the young women, drinking Schnapps along the way. Here the young men bring trees to every house, and sing in exchange for schnapps. This year they came to us quite late, after 9 pm, and were by then quite woozey. I was afraid we'd have to have to call a street sweeper (but we did finish off a bottle of dogrose schnapps we'd had open for a while).

I've mentioned (and shown) before how here on Pentecost Sunday the children come and sings (boys and girls separately) in exhange for candy or money. They start when the kids are in school, so Christopher has to wait a couple of years yet.

These traditions for Pentecost seem to be dying out, since none of the other towns in our area do anything at all. (Grandparents might prefer this picture which shows less tree and more Christopher.)

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